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Shirley Chuk 祝燕玉


祝 燕玉是一名教師。她的工作是編制幼稚園和小學學齡兒童入學到世界各地私立和寄宿學校。在進入教育界之前,她營銷工作已十一年在法拉利汽車公司以及超過十年出版銷售在朗文出版社。她出生在香港於一九六零年十一月十九日,母親一位家庭主婦,父親一名商人在二次大戰期間在非洲做生意。她素來在香港居住。她的丈夫是一名贏獎的旅行作家,她成年的兒子剛剛進入就業市場。

(上面的圖片是我的油畫肖像。這幅畫是在委拉斯開茲的巴洛克風味。我感謝 The Naked Listener’s Weblog 這份禮物。)

I am a teacher in Hong Kong. I coach young schoolchildren for entry into the local and overseas private school systems.

Interestingly, teaching has only been a very recent (and accidental) calling of mine. My deep roots in fact are in luxury cars and publishing. Read my About page for random facts about myself or the one-on-one media interview of me.

Shirley works as a teacher in preparing kindergarten and pre-primary schoolchildren for admission into private and boarding schools worldwide. Prior to entering the teaching field, Shirley was for eleven years in saleswork at Ferrari and more than a decade in publishing sales at Longman Publishers. She is a native of Hong Kong, born on 19 November 1960 to a homemaker mother and a father who once worked as a merchant in Africa during the Second World War. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband, who is an award-winning travel writer, and son who has just started working.

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Image shows an oil portrait of me in the baroque flavour of Diego Velázquez, presented specially for this website by The Naked Listener’s Weblog.

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